Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hey Y'all! Meet Sadie!!!!

Sadie in the front yard! One happy camper!

What a fun day it's been! For starters I wore blue jeans to the office which I've not done since last year's snow storm. Since I was just there until 11 this morning and most folks were gone I figured who would care.

I stopped by and picked up Emily at the house and we went to Bryant to get the puppy I had seen and talked to the lady about. We got there and the pups were great looking yellow labs. Beautiful pups but nor what we were looking for. We also saw a chocolate lab that was a about 4 months old but looked as though it was mixed with something else.

So we go to the animal services in Little Rock and we walked in and the first pen had the perfect little pup that looked like the photo's of the dog we really went to get. What are the chances? The pup had already been sterilized so she was ready to go. Emily's eyes lit up and she had this huge smile and then gave me the nod. We took Sadie outside and the pup came to life. Sadie and Em bonded in record time. It was great to watch. After a year of asking, Em finally got her puppy. She passed on the real registered Golden Retreivers and saved one from the pound instead. This pup is actually part chow so it will have an even fuller coat.

Next stop was Petsmart for food, dog wash, toys, a leash, a collar, a friendly store clerk that told me everything there is to know about classes there. Everyone in the store looked our way and smiled. They all wanted to know her name but we hadn't figured it out at that point.

We got home and got the little girl washed up and as we were drying her she fell asleep. Big day for the little pup. She slept in Em's lap for a while then woke ready to play. We took her outside and she whizzed and you would have thought she had performed a miracle! Em and I cheered and clapped. HA! I hope my neighbors were watching so they could have a good laugh!

The rest of the evening has been fun playing with her and laughing. She basically looks like the lint you clean out of the dryer trap with legs and a face.

I put more photos out there tomorrow.

We spoke to Tyler tonight. He's doing great, tired from work and school but great. Said someone ordered 60 pot pies from his store (Boston Market). He will be having dinner with the Minton's tomorrow. I'm ready to see the kiddo!

(Tyler, if you're reading this, how was the burrito? HA!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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