Thursday, February 02, 2006

Maybe it's time to fasten my seatbelt

No, I didn't have a wreck but instead sat in a PR meeting this afternoon that was the starting point for the state bicycle tour. There were some great ideas coming out and I walked out more excited than ever about this year's ride! There are some tricks up the sleeve!

I'm trying to cut back on my eating and drop some pounds last month before my serious training really kicks in. I secretly slated Feb 1st as "kick it in" day. It's fitness center and serious cycling start up time. I went the lunch spin class and Rance and I seemed to be in a little friendly competition. Both had a good sweat going on. Rumor has it that his classes are harder when I'm there. If that's true, cool beans!

I'm taking my bike to work tomorrow and riding during lunch. I think that will be fun and a chance of pace!

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