Friday, February 03, 2006

Wash out

I should be getting dressed for a lunch time ride but it's a wash out. The weather guys didn't call for rain. Maybe it will be done by 4 and we'll have a little wind to dry the roads off.

I'm hoping to ride tomorrow. Carve is heading back to the mountian for training and I'll just stay over here on this side of the river. I've heard that once they go back to the mountian that it's hard for most riders to keep the pace with the elite team. Jim has a ride starting from a great bar-b-que (Mr. Mason's) spot downtown so I might go ride with those guys.

Goals for the weekend:
1) Eat light and cut the fried stuff.
2) Get in at least 50 miles but try for 75 and up.

By the way, Emily passed her driving test... everyone stay off the streets! HA!

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