Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Toyota-United Cycling Team

I'm excited! I usually don't get this way with new cycling teams but this group is solid! Toyota-United has me ready for the races in north Ark in May. These guys are making there race debut next weekend at the Tour of California against some heavy hitters such as Healthnet, and Discovery just to name a few. When you look at there team roster, it's great! They also have a foundation that helps homeless families and kids. That's something I don't see every day.

I've been off the bike for a couple of days. We had a cold snap and all my buds that have gotten out are sick with colds. I really wanted to get out and ride the Monday "Nite Lite" ride but stayed in by the fireplace. I know, it was a whimpy thing to do. If I don't ride after work today then it's time to plug in last year's races on the tube and spin on the trainer.

Oh, a friend of mine, Shannon Boshears, has the title track song for a new movie coming out called "Come Early Morning." It's getting big press from the Sundance film. Here's the website, which is cool! Shannon's name and the name of the song is up in the top right corner. Be sure to turn your speakers on because it's playing in the background of the website too! Way to go friend! I'm mighty proud of ya chick!

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