Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sleet and snow! Weekend number 2

We had sleet and snow last weekend and this weekend it has made a pest of itself! It started sleeting last night after midnight and has sleeted off and on all day. Sometimes hard. Roads are still in really good shape for this weather but tonight when the sun goes down it's going to change unless we have wind to dry the roads. It's funny watching the television because it's a continuous ticker line of closings and the churches started closing first thing this morning.

Carve camp was this weekend but has been cancelled until next weekend. Sort of depresses the weekend. Hunter put a note on the message board that he as going to ride his mountain bike on the city streets starting at 1:30 this afternoon. It was an invitation to join him. Crazy man, he is! But then, he is the best on the team. Go figure.

I did get out in the garage and got it really cleaned up. Just backed the car out and got to work. Still want to get some cabinets to go out there and really tidy it up.

I watched Lords of War this afternoon on DVD. Slow movie with alot of language.

I guess I'll get on the trainer and spend for a while this evening since I ate a Wendy's Chicken sandwich with cheese and fries and coke. Fat boy here needs to get rid of that!

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