Sunday, February 05, 2006

Staright into the wind

Yesterday Bill Stewart and I left from Sherwood at 8 a.m. and rode right down JFK with not problem. It was early enough that most folks were still at home. We got from Taco Bell in Sherwood to Mr. Mason's BBQ in about 20 minutes. Not bad at all! Bill was riding his "fixie" which is bascially an indoor racing bike. He had one gear. It was something to see this guy ride like he does with just one gear. Yep, he couldn't change to a granny gear if the hill got steep and he has to keep pedaling on the down hills.

We met up with the others and took off and a route I never thought of riding but it was really nice. There was a bike shop out in East End called the Outskirts. It's a great little shop with a friendly owner. Most where mountian bikes which I would expect out there. Lots of off road stuff. I hope he does well.

After a couple of stops here and there be started our trip back toward Little Rock. And I remember seeing on the weather before I left that it was going to get "breezy" during the afternoon. Well, it got a little breezy before afternoon. We turned right into it and fought it all the way back. When we finally got back to Mr. Mason's Bill and I were supposed to ride back to Sherwood. We were too tired. I would have done it and so would have Bill if the wind wouldn't have killed us. Doug lives a block from Bill and they both live about a mile or so from me so Doug packed us in his van and saved us. Doug is one of my favorite riders around. Very strong rider that doesn't know a stranger and has a great sense of humor.

I finished painting the guest room when I got home but had to keep drinking Dr. Pepper and Frap's to keep me moving. I knew I would crash if I stopped.

Terri made brisquet for everyone for dinner so once againthis week we had a family dinner at the table with both kids and their dates. It's been a fun week!

The afternoon is supposed to be cool and calm so I'll head out for an hour or two and get my riding in. Come home and watch the Superbowl for a bit. Not a big fan of either team. Still wished the Denver Bronocs were in the bowl.

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