Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Midweek part 2

I went to my nutrition class and of course as these things go, I was the only male. We had the usual talk about portion size, blah blah blah. But she (Andrea Goodwin) did say some stuff that I wasn't thinking about. We have a cafe here at the hospital but for some strange reason I don't think of it as eating out. She was talking about how she drove through Mickey D's and got breakfast the oteher morning and was talking about that it cost her 5 bucks and tons of cals. She then told us to think of a few places we liked to eat out at and if you eat out (especially fast food) and add up the number of times you went and the cost. She was trying to get us to see that eating fast food is not only bad but robs your budget as well. Suggest was to only eat out 3x a week. Bring your food to work and only eat what you brought. Lots of talk about the holidays. She asked me what my wealness was and I said chocolate. She then asked how I planned my eating so I could eat chocolate. I told her I didn't and the class laughed. I don't plan to eat chocolate. If it's presented to me, I'll eat it. now, i have to watch that.

But the real reason for writing this blog is to tell you about a website I found. I'm going to be watching my calories. Ok, I'm going to "track" my calories and so I Googled "Calorie Counter" and came across this website called My Food Diary dot com ( ). I've looked at several weight loss web sites but I really like this one! I cost 9 bucks a month but I can graph, set goals for all sorts of areas, shows my excerises. Just a cool deal. I checked the forums since I'm a forum snob and found a thread called "Girls have Cooties". I laughed and clicked on it and found it really was a thread of guys, mostly 30-50 professionals, discussing their goals and such. One of the guys is a programmer and set up their own website for challeneges. It was nice. New challenege starts soon so I thought I may jump on.

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