Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sort of wanted the snowstorm

Oh we are going to have a bad storm. Oh it will be 37 by the time we go home today. Oh it... Nah, it was in the 50's right up til time to go home. It's cold now but not that dancing after you walked through a spider web cold.

Terri did make it up to Mt Magazine for her board meeting with no problems at all. I'm bummed that I didn't get to go up there to train but couldn't do it with wet roads. She called a bit ago and said it snowed for about an hour up there.

Since I had a car and no schedule I worked out at the fitness center after work. Knocked out my core training then did the 30 minute sprint program on the spin bike. It was strange working out after work. I know everyone that does at lunch but I didn't know any of these people tonight.

Big news! I dropped 4 lbs over the Thanksgiving holiday! That just tickled me Fast Girl pink!

Tomorrows Friday! Yipeeee! Hey, there's rumor of a new local Sunday afternoon ride that seems to have the club hopped up. In one word... he-yells...big he-yells! I take the cam Sunday and gets some shots. Stay tuned!

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