Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WooHoo -- 4 day weekend!

3 day work week done and complete even with it's reports and drama. I had 3 calls today and 2 of them were non-work.

I had 2 Fast Girl Slow Guys memebers come by my office. Jenn S with an awesome awesome idea for my River 2 River ride in May. When she told me, I thought to myself, this is going to be great! I'll let you in on it later. This afternoon Yale came by and even brought me a Starbucks Frap! Gawd, I love that guy! HA! He was cutting up with our receptionist Karen when I walked in.

By 3 I was stir crazy and luckly Terri called and we hit the road home. Lots of traffic for that time of the day. Bumper to bumper creeping traffic! I was given a hall pass to go ride my bike but this traffic was cutting into my time.

I finally got out there about 4:15 or so and as I was suiting up I spotted JBar and Jo go by. I finally caught up with them at the BDB but only because they stopped. We chatted a moment then JBar headed back down the north side and Jo and I went over the bridge. We rode a little over there and on the way back I could see a car coming from behind but it never seemed to go around then I noticed a bike. Cool, it's was Paul C. I hadn't gotten to talk to him in a while. He actually took a call on his cell while riding with no hands. I think that might be my new years resoultion... get Paul to teach my to ride like that.

Both Jo and Paul talked about not getting to ride much these days. Seems like when the time changed it sort of blew big hawker on everyone's riding. We all hit it, slipped on it and laid our bikes down. They had both parked on the LR side and I came back over the BDB and rode on the "warm" side. Man, when the sun goes behind that hill on the LR side it's just plain cold! When I got back to NLR the sun had kept the pavement of the path warm so it was a lot nicer. I rode down to Alltel Arena and back to Burns where my car was. I had to use my light on the north side and I knew I would come upon a deer or skunk but saw neither. When I stopped at the car it seemed like 7 but it was ONLY 5:58. I hate the short daylight of winter. Serious!

The weather in the upcoming weekend is "10". Cool mornings and warm afternoons 67/69/69 and sunny! Sounds like lots of different rides will be going on and I hope to get on a couple. I plan to get up in he morning and ride down to the river and back. Nothing major but some good base miles.

Weight: 180
Miles: 22.4
Temp: 55
Wind: What wind? Even the river looked like glass.
Beautiful sunset

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