Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The storms seem to keeping coming through this morning. When I went to bed last night it was storming, and I woke up a coupke of times due to lightening flashes. I flipped on the tube to see video of cars in the water. We got some rain last night! They just listed about a dozen streets that are temp closed or have "flooding concerns".

Anyway, I'm glad it's Wednesday and already loooking forward to the weekend ahead. This orning I'm seeing a nutritionist. Sounds big but it's really just a part of the holiday weight challange through the fitness center at the hospital. I have no idea what it will entail. But as I promised I would be open about this so at the end of each blog I'll list my weight and training stuff. I've read some other blogs with folks training or working on a weight loss plan an it's inspirational to see the numbers.

Yesterday I did fair on my eating. Lite breakfast and yogurt/fruit/granola for lunch, one Hersey kiss (coffee flavored!). Dinner was grilled chicken quesadia's (sp?) and then we watched Cars and Sean was here and asked if we wanted ice cream. I wanted to say no but when I heared the work "Half Baked" I was done in! So I had some. But I have to admit, and this is no patting on the back, but at least I didn't do what I did Monday night! I'll just say I was a bottomless pit. Sometimes it seems that I do good all day but after I eat dinner I don't seem full and I junk food it. It was so bad Monday night that Em just shoke her head at me. Now that's sad! The next thing I know when I eat like that is that I have wasted an evening where I could be doing something useful.

Jen stopped by my office to drop a check yesterday and was asking about my training and the River 2 River ride. She has it all planned out and I hope I can talk her into being a big part of this! Her excitment is contagious. She was telling me how the pro races do it with the folks they come ahead of the race and get the crowd all excited. Cool idea! It would be neat to have someone ahead of the ride to get folks to be out there to hoot and hollar as we ride through.

Well, time to wake the girls and get this day going.

Weight: 180.1
Breakfast: Instant breakfast and Nature Valley grandola bar, glass of water.

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