Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ya gotta love Sundays!

Little Rock skyline from Ft Roots drive

Don't know who it is but thought it would make a cool photo.

The gates of Ft Roots drive

My shadow yelled "On your left" and then tried to pass me!

This is some smoke stack along the way. I always try to figure out what it is.

Ya gotta love Sundays! I wake up and it's daylight actually! I normally wake about 5:30 to 6 no matter what day it is. But it gives me time to plan out the day ahead and enjoy the quite of the early morning. Flipped through the paper then had to wake the girl up. Uh oh, Emmy's sick with a nasty sore throat.

After church we got home to find Em in the same place we left her. She must be sick! We all had soup from he crock pot and then Terri had to go to a business deal until about 10 tonight. Emily was feeling a tad better.
I put the bike in the car and heading down to the river. I rode solo at first and climbed Ft Roots and as I was going down I saw someone climbing up. I didn't realize it for a moment but it was Matthew! Yep, fully recovered and eating the hill like it was flat with tail wind. A few feet behind him was another guy. OK this guy has on a bright orange helmet and those are limited around here. The guy is little, I say howdy as I'm heading downa dn they're heading up. Hold on! That little guy was Yale! Holy smoke! 2nd man up the climb and climbing fast. Then I saw the rest of the group. It was the ABC club ride. I got down to the last switch back and then climbed Ft Roots again. I met up with them at the top of the hill. It was reallt good to see everyone again. And yes, Yale is really skinny! What an inspiration! He has always been a good climber but man, you take some pounds off and he is giving the mountain goats a run for their money!

I rode with the group to Burns Park and we make a loop. We climbed by the golf course then turned and everyone had a little spunk going on. As we get close to the BMX track there is a shift and Yale jumps to the front then I open it up and go only to be shamed by the mountian goats who really put me in my place. I knew that hillwas around the curve but I thought if I could ge up there then I could have a head start. Yea, right! Ha! We circle around and over the interstate and back by the tennis courts. I'm hanging with Chris Shaw and Ian. I'm "allowed" to sta with them until we ride back to Cook's. I've mentioned my secret goal, you know, to keep up with Shaw Dawg. He and Ian were in winter mode because it was 18-20 mph most of the time.

We regrouped with folks at Cooks and then I rode over the big bridge with Chris, Jen, and Ian. Then of course we needed to climb River Mtn. Just as we were about to start the climb, Jen says, "Well, it's time to get dropped." We watch Chris and Ian eating up the hill. I look down and see myself going 6mph. I'm happy. Just get to the top. I will say this, there is a BIG difference riding with music vs. not. I ride much better up that hill with tunes blaring.

After we dropped back down we said our good bys. Ian heading home to eat peanut butter and jely and Chris and Jen were talking cheese dip. Both sounded good! I still had some more miles to put in so I head back over the bridge and ride in the sun on the north side. The LR side is under a hill and it's COLD over there! Getting over the bridge was little riding my bike through that famous dog show. I've never seen that many dogs on the bridge! The leaves are at their peak and I wanted to shoot some photos so I head back up Ft Roots.

Once again, a great afternoon to ride! It was great to see everyone again!
Tomorrow is the weigh in for the fitness center's Holiday Weight Challenage. I'm using this as the re-start of my weight drop. We had a choice when we sign up to maintane your weight or another box with the words LOSE. I marked lose. Lose weight over the holidays. Am I nuts? HA! I'll go public with the weight and even post if I'm losing or gaining.

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Jim Gardner said...


Great fall pictures that makes me miss home! Thanks for sharing them.

By the way, with the new blogger update, I liked your page so much that I switched mine to the same look!