Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

A shot of our beautiful cool, crisp Thankgiving morning. This is on the river front and yes, it really is a submarine.

A beautiful fall morning to enjoy! I woke early, had a little breakfast and out the door for my ride by 8. The temp was posted as 44 but a few minutes later the temp flashing at the bank downby the river was already 50. Up 6 degrees in 30 minutes. Uh-oh, if this continues, I'll be over heated soon. I made the ride with no problems and was really surprsied how many folks were out biking, running and walking this morning. The funny part was that on my way back in I saw several neighbors pulling out the boxes of Christmas lights.

I looked back at my ride journal from last year and in Dec I only rode 99 miles and only rides. I had a bad cold and couldn't remember it until Terri reminded me of how sick I was at the Trans-Sin concert last year. Oh yeah, I DO remember that. Another interesting journal entry was that my comment on 11/25/05 says "This is the first really cool day of riding." I didn't remember it being that warm all last fall.

OK, enough bike stuff. Thanksgiving... what are you thankful for? As I get older I seem to be more thankful for the more simple things.

Like this, for example, I'm thankful on Saturday nights when I go to bed and we've washed the sheets and they smell like Downy.

I'm thankful when I walk out of m front door and look across the valley.

I'm thankful I can turn on the water and get a glass full.

I'm thankful for the colorful fall leaves we've had.

I'm thankful my neighbors down the bought the property next door to us.

I'm thankful all the babies popping out all over my family are all healthy.

I'm thankful my kids aren't the ones popping out the babies! HA!

I'm thankful my kids and wife are healthy.

I'm thankful that I only have to drive 30 minutes to get "home" and that all my sisters and parents will all be there.

I'm thankful for my extended family. You know the one's in the hot pink jerseys!

I'm just plain ole thankful today!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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