Thursday, May 10, 2007

It turned out to be one of those pishhhhh showers. You know they kind this sort of like you turn the shower at home of for a few seconds. Rained at the hospital but not at the house. Awww ya gotta love those summer showers.

So I geared up and headed out to ride. The womens running club was out and there most have been a 100 women running.The river is way up and flooding a little. I was wondering if it was going to be over one of the smaller bike path bridges but everything was clear.

I did spot a small group of riders that it looked to be the Fast Girls Slow Guys club ride. They are now going so insanely fast that most folks can't really ride with them anymore. They are a racing club through and through. There is nothing at all wrong with that but they are way to fast for me and many of the riders from last year. I did see quite a few of last years riders out tonight.

I had been telling folks about all the duckings or gooselings or whatever you call baby geese. They are everywhere. I also saw a goose that looked as if it had been tangled in fishing line for a long time. It was limping pretty bad and I tried to get closed but it hopped away. I thought about calling my niece with the Game and Fish and ask them to see if they can retain it for a moment and just cut the line off. Just sort of pains me to see an animal in pain like that when it would be so easy to correct.

I rode down and back and down at a comfortable pace. I plan to get an early start on Saturday morning and ride all day. I'm taking stuff to my office so I will have a place to stop and eat and take a short recovery. I'm looking forward to the training. Plan calls for 10 hours riding on Saturday for training. Well, saddle up kids!

Tomorrow is Friday and not a moment too soon!

Later y'all

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Wes said...

I hate to see animals suffering as well. They don't know any better, so they think you are hungry when actually you are trying to help. Ten hours in the saddle? Woo hoo! Sounds like a great day! You must have a really comfy saddle to spend that much time riding. Or, maybe you have buttocks of steel :-)