Sunday, May 06, 2007

Saturday long ride

Met Brandon little after 7 and rode until a little before 3. More later.
You're not going to believe this... I stopped and got off my bike without looking... milage was 99.7.... so close to 100. We picked up riders here and there and saw some sites such as the Miracle Walk, Central High (No, I've never been there until yesterday), and the Heifer Project. If you go to the Heifer Project, get Keith Moore to saw you around. He knew a lot about the architure of the building and made it really interesting! Brandon's parents work for Central as the accountant and the coach so he knew all this cool inside stuff about Central High and the upcoming 50th anniversary.

If you are a reader unfamliar with Central High. Google: Central High School, Little Rock Arkansas 1957. What happened here is..well... no words can explain.

More story and photos to come.

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Unknown said...

am looking forward to some of those photos. Did you get one of the rooster?