Monday, May 21, 2007

Mt Nebo (knee-blow)

Several of the Fast Girls (Brian, the guy in the bike journal jersey is one too but he lives in the country and boys can't wear pink!) Oh and yes we do have a Shimano truck that follows us around now to be sure we get service! HA!

One of the Toyota-United guys hanging on to his spot.

Rock and Republic ahead on the right.

More Rock and Republic

Climbing to the finish. One more turn.

View from the top of Mtn. Knee-blow

Yep, I did it... several times!

Just before the roll out.

This is what's so cool about being a cycle race fan. You can get right up to the racers.

These guys (Rock and Republic) have the wickest stuff!
I love it!
Well alright! here's how it went... 7 am met up with Jenn and Chris at Cook's. Jenn and I head on up. Chris stayed behind and sold their house, maybe.

When we pulled up it was a strange sight because there were only Toyota-United in the corner on the lot. Come to find out, all the teams were in the back of the building. We saw Jelly Belly, Healthnet, Carve, Waste Management (don't even think about laughing... they are good!) and then I spotted the Rock and Republic team car. Oh man, this is awesome! I'm standing there looking at the coolest road cycling kits I've seen and the team cars... Cadillac! Black with the red Rock and Republic logo with a cool Rock Racing logo. Hello! Rock and Roll comes to tiny town Arkansas!

We spotted Rubicon and made our way over to say hello and wish them well. It was deathly quite. The guys were zoned out and focusing on getting the pre-race jitters down. We didn't stay long. Walked over to Toyota-United and talked with the chase car guy a bit. Super fan friendly. We were joking about where he parked the team car. It was right under a school sign that said, "Congrats Lady Lizards!" If I could have gotten a good angle for a photo it would have been a hoot!

We walked around and waited the the guys to get ready for the roll out. Just seconds before the start the official gave them a last chance pee break and the next thing you know there are a dozen guys taking a whiz at the end of the schools tennis courts. Then a funny thing happened... they started and some were still whizzing! There were some choice words yelled as guys tried to get back in the pack. I laughed!

We headed over to WalMart to load up on chalk to text message the mountain. Usually I just buy a bucket of kids sidewalk chalk but I spotted this new 4 pack with chalk sticks the size of spray paint cans! Perfect!! I bought a couple boxes and Jenn bought a honking kiddie bike horn. She honked at everything. It was funny.

Met up with Jbar, Yale, Jenny, Brian, and Razz just after the rollout. Hung out for a few at the McDonalds parking lot then headed for the mountain. They rode up the monster.

We started chalked the snot out of the road and did as promised and used the orange for Rubicon, the hot pink was for Figy, our Cat 4 racer, and then I started putting messages for Rock and Republic. They just sort of took over and I was having a blast drawing huge skull and crossbones all the way up the mountain. We had a few other messages such as "Top = 5 miles ahead" when is was probably a mile.

While we were chalking Figy came riding up and we yelled as much as we could then Jenn took off and yelled right beside him like you watch on the Euro races. It was a hoot. We were proud of our own! Really proud... especially since he crossed the finish line on a flat tire.

I spotted Vince (race official and buddy) and he gave me grief about liking Rock and Republic. Hey if you can look cool/edgy/wicked and race good too... I'm all for you man!

We got up to the top and the riders were said to be about 20 minutes out. It didn't seem like 10 and the state trooper car came around the curve signaling the crowd. There was a nice crowd at the top and everyone cheered the riders.

It was just a good day at the races.

Brought the bike to work and plan to ride home and get those legs ready for the River 2 River ride.

Here's the weeks plans:
Ride a while then take it home after work today.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: maybe the same but they are calling for those afternoon pop up showers.
Saturday: Carti training ride at 8
Sunday: Easy spin
Monday (Memorial Day): Long endurance ride (100 plus miles on the R2R route).

If you want to donate to River 2 River (323 miles -- One day -- across the state of Arkansas) for kids with hearing impairments, log on to It's tax deductible!

Later folks!

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