Friday, May 18, 2007


JBar in the Yellow with the black crow on it, Jo in the pink and myself in the yellow

The ride coming through Riverfront Park in North Little Rock

Cops telling us not to pop wheelies.

Zipping down Ft Roots

Mayor Hayes speakes. Yes, our mayor rides!
All the photos above were taken by Diane. Thanks for letting me use them!

Yes, this is the Fast Girls.
Poor Jenn caught so much slack about this shoulder touching photo.
Everyone had a great time and we thank Rubicon for coming out and letting us hang with them.

My new favorite pro team! These guys are awesome! They came to the hospital and spent the afternoon with the kids. They led a bike ride for everyone that evening and blended into the crowd. Aaron beat our Healthnet and Totota-United for the first stage of Tri-Peaks races an hour north of here! I'll go see them climb Mount Nebo (referred to as Knee-blow by certain cyclist!) We will text message the road in bright organe for there team color.

Wanna read about them?

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Wes said...

That's an impressive team, Geo, full of young studs. How cool they came by your place. Just shows what kind of people they are...