Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I did get to get out and ride yesterday and it was a nice ride. Just down and back on the river but it was great because I was feeling a lot better and I rode with my coach. When you ride with a coach it takes a bit to settle down and ride. How's the pedal stroke? Did I ride too fast or too slow? Is my positioning right? Etc etc etc...

I got an email of the ride and it was good! Whew! Mark, my coach, is as good as they come. He pushes me to do better but also knows whne it's time to be a family man as well and he'll tell me that. Yep, he was one of the ones who told me to ride conservative last weekend and look what happened when I didn't.

This week we have been talking alot about hydration. There are several products on the market that help folks when the heat is turned up and you've got to give it your all for a while. I considered some of these in the past but some are pricey and there's not a trial size so I'm going to bum some and test them this weekend.

Oh yeah, what did the doc say? Said the ear is healing really good but still needs me to keep the aid out for one more week. It was sort of expected but then I was hoping it would go the other way. I want life to return to normal.

I've had a lot of fun today since the stroke dropped me on my head in small town Arkansas years and years and more years ago. I was surprsed with a pancake breakfast prepared by Em his morning. I was taken to lnch by Jason and his wife Allison who both work at the hospital and it was a complete riot. They ae a hoot anyway but you take a couple that loves to cut up and a deaf guy and put them at an outside table at a busy Sonic (my choice) and you set yourself up to laugh til you cry. Allison told Jason to stop talking like Bruce Lee! I was trying to read his lips but he was talking in Japanese! Even his normal speech would throw me off because he wouldn't move his lips much. I told him his mouth wasn't normal and he cracked up. This is the same guy that went to Target to buy a gift card and the cashier asked him how much he wanted on it and he told them he just wanted to buy the card. Same guy that asked the cashier at Micky D's for hot mustard to go with his sundae. Now you know why we are friends huh?! HA! Terri made a "Sunday dinner" for supper tonight. Yep, roast and all that stuff. It was sooo good!

Anyway, I got a massive bag of double dipped malt balls. Oh man, I could have gotten sick big time but I stashed them on he other side of my office and drank FRS instead. My VP unloaded a stack of Java City bucks on me and our secretary (office momma) had ballons put in my office. I had VP's sending me e-cards and friends sending wishes by email. I felt the love. That sounds silly but times like this, I really did. I'm happy to have such a wonderful group of friends and family. It was just a nice day to be born.

Since I still can't wear the aid I had to change game plans for the weekend. I'm going to ride the river a lot on Saturday. It might even get boring but maybe not. I just don't feel comfortable going to a organized ride that I've not been on before without being able to hear.

I'll get around to writing more tomorrow.

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Wes said...

Pack some of those double dipped malt balls for the ride, Geo! Those will help you beat the heat :-) Hang in there! Almost there!! Riding along the river is probably the best until you get your aide back in. I'm not surprised you got good people and good family. You're a magnet :-)