Thursday, May 03, 2007

Inching closer to the weekend!

Well friends we are getting closer to the weekend by the minute! I’m ready too! We were supposed to go over to Memphis to the Memphis in May music festival and I was going to get to see Wolfmother before they had back across the pond but due to not getting to put my hearing aid back in it looks to be a local weekend.

Emily turns 17 tomorrow. That is so hard to grasp. At times she’s my little girl and runs across the room and lands on my lap and at times she walks through the room as she’s about to go out looking better than any model that graced magazines. She can still make me laugh harder than anyone else. She can make me laugh until my tummy hurts. I have a year and a few months left before she goes off to college…sigh….

Ok, training… here we go! It’s going to be an eat and drink on the bike training. I’ll have some supplements (Endurolytes and Perpetuum) that I’ll be trying. One of the things long distance folks are told to do is get used to eating and riding. I read one account where a female long distance rider ate her meals while she was on a trainer. Nothing like a trainer at the dining room table! HA!

The plan is to ride the river for hours. It is actually for a 9 hour ride. I had planned to go up the road about an hour north of town and ride a charity ride (Plan B), Tour of the Wine Country but with no hearing aid, guess I best not. The ride is a charity ride for the hospital and a festival.

I’ve been planning my start time and want it to be around 8 a.m. and that gets me off the bike around 5p.m. Gee whiz, I’ll be riding a whole work day. If I keep at 15 mph pace for 9 hours that will be 135 miles. That’s the distance from Ft Smith to Cook’s Landing. Half of the ride for June 28th. I’m really hoping to some how get a chance to get up toward Ft Smith or even to Ft Smith and ride back before the actual ride. May be a nice thing to do for Memorial Day Monday. I usually ride from my house to Searcy and back on that Monday or that weekend for 90 miles but I think this year I’ll change it up.

Even though Dr. D asked me not to wear the hearing aid until Tuesday, I’ll honor that but boy it’s going to be a good mental exercise if I stay down on the river riding for hours with no sound, no music, etc etc… I still find it really funny that folks know I can’t hear but they will just talk and talk. I just do the best I can picking up bits and pieces. If you only knew what I thought some people have said!

Well, lunch is about over… back to work.

Later y’all!

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Wes said...

Wow! 135? Woooeee!!! Have fun! Have a great ride. Stay safe.