Saturday, March 03, 2007

Anybody here?

I just think these signs on my ride are a hoot!

Afternoon on the Arkansas River

Spring is almost here!
A week from tomorrow is daylight savings time!

No one on the river trail this afternoon.
I spent the early morning reading a new book I bought. Yep, another bike touring journal. Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage. She and her husband ride around the world. So far they have started in CA, up to Canada, across the US, down to FL fly to Spain... Reading 2 ride journals back to back plus reading journals at has really got me into the touring mood!
The weather outside was cold and windy but otherwise a beautiful sun kissed day. I worked around the house until about 4 then headed out for a ride. 45 minutes later I'm finishing up. I was one of 3 bikes this afternoon. I should have guessed that when there are no runners or bikes on the river then something is going on. I suspect most of the runners are chowing down and resting for the big marathon tomorrow.

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