Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday ride

What a day I tell ya'll! It was great right from the start. Beautiful morning with spring time temps and light wind. I was just about to head out and Emand Terri got up so I stuck around to greet the morning with them. I rolled out about 8:30 and headed down North Hills to the river. I was feeling great this morning! Full of energy and had a big smile on my face ... well til the bugs started hitting my teeth! HA!

When I got down the the river I remembered that last week I noticed the new baseball stadium had it's gates open for the workers to come and go. I decided I would take and get in and sure enough the gates were open and I rode my bike right through the gates and into the stadium. What a beautiful place! I can't wait to go to a game there!

Just after I left the baseball stadium I rode right by the Hilton and there were two tour buses there. I had forgotten that Evanescence (sp?) is in town town. Actually they are back "Home" tonight. They are from Little Rock! The buses were all roped off and it was funny because one of the buses also had a black hummer sitting in the roped off section as well. I suspected that the leader singer Amy Lee went home to crash. Alltel Arena is non stop shows and concerts this spring. The Who was heere a couple of nights ago and I heard it was great. Rod Stewart is coming, Evanescence is tonight. Cirque is coming in late May. There are several others I'm sure.

While I was riding by the Hilton another rider rode up beside me and lo and behold it was Rick Beall! He is one of the guys that got me back on the bike several years ago. We had a great ride and rode together until we got to the boat ramp and dropped off for the Trek bikes demo days. They were really ready and would be there until 4 so I left and got more miles in. I came back a while later and spoke with the demo guy and got to take a sick Trek Pilot 5.0 out for a while! I'm in love! The bike I have is actually too big but I've been happy with it for over 3 year now. Well, I finally rode one that was my size for the first time and it was candy! It was smooth, quick to change to giddy up, just pure love! If I can get a good trade in I might do it. Richard, the owner of the bike shop, found out today that his shop sold me the bike and said he was sorry several times. I told him it was cool and that I have been happy with it for 3 years now. I really am. Yep, that's the Pilot over in the photo. He also suggested an different Specialized so I'll probably go at least look. Maybe since I have them as a sponsor then I can get are really go deal. If anyone wants a bike, go see Robb or Richard at Arkasnas Bike and Fitness and tell them I sent you!

Stats: 46 miles
Average speed: 16.2
Did not count miles on the Pilot demo.
Year to date miles: 868.10

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Wes said...

I luv my Trek, and I have those exact tires on my bike. Hopefully some day soon I will gradiate to a real road bike. Then, of course, I'm going to have to get a "real" mountain bike too :-) Not to worry though, the hybrid will always be my first luv!!