Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The rain cometh!

There are rivers of yellow flowing down the roads! The rain finally came and started washing the pollen off of everything. It's been a mess! Everyone has yellow cars.

Since we are having rain I took it as a cue to work some more on the donor letters. It's actually fun to do but really time consuming so I get up a lot earlier so I can work on them before the sun raises and then I can spend after work on the bike and with family. I don't see how these men and women that train for the Ironman races do it. I have one bud that gets up at 4am to swim.

Everything is really come together for a great ride event. I got an email from Unitron, the maker of my hearing aid, and they will be a part of the event and gave me news that made me jump and yell! Serious! They made a donation. It's a major one! More details later... yep, it's like getting that little bit of frosting off the spoon and wondering how great the dessert will be when it's all finished! To Sue, Brian and all the wonderful staff at Unitron, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have changed so many lives with your products. I still remember the day I stepped out of my car that afternoon I got my Unitron and I heard the dry leaves rolling across the parking lot.... magic doesn't even capture it! Hearing things I've not heard since I was a kid. It was a then and there moment that you just never forget! Thank you!

Audiology Online has also jumped on with a great donation and a story that will be worth gold! Paul and Joanne are the best in helping me tell the story in hopes that folks want let a hearing impairment stop them from what they love to do.

Tomorrow will find me back out on the bike and training on the hills. This is one of the little hills out the back side of my neighborhood. It's a nice hill that makes me think of new words as I climb it. I took this photo about midway down. What you can't see is that after what looks like the bottom of the hill, well, it goes on and on and on. It's great for training and car are used to seeing cyclist back there some they're good. I've only had one crazy car in all the years I've been training on this.
I saw the forecast for Saturday and we are supposed to ride in the morning, then ride to the Diabetes ride called Tour de Cure and ride their century then ride more after the ride. On the saddle for at least 8 hours Saturday is the plan. Keep your fingers crossed the weather plays fair! I'll go nuts if I have to cancel a whole training day.
I have this weekend and next then I have my canal plasity (sp?) and have to stay off the bike for a week and no hearing aid allowed for up to 3. Man, it's going to be an expereince when I enter 3 weeks of no sound. In all honesty, I think it will make me a better man. It will make me understand what a deaf person goes through. It will make me train that much harder to ride that much better for the kids.
Remember... it's ALL for the kids!

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Wes said...

That's a lot of good news! Even the rain!! Send it our way. We need to wash this pollen off of our cars too :-) Good things happen to good people, and good people make good things happen. Geo, you are a force to be reckoned with.