Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Like ah hot pink storm!

It happened tonight! The "family" was all back together and what a fun time it was! The 6pm start time at Cook's and as I rolled into the parking lot I'm greeted long before I ever roll to a stop. Sort of like the beginning of the tv show "Cheers". It's just a warm fuzzy feeling when you have a bike group like the one I ride with. Ok, it was warm fuzzy until after a couple miles then it was "eat my shorts!". The kids are soooo fast this year. I remember when I first started riding with them and we rode along about 18mph. I think the 18mph was within the first couple of pedal strokes tonight. But it was all good! No wrecks, no pukes... just a good time had by all.

When we started it was like a rolling dust storm heading across the desert! Folks could see it long before it hit and when it hit, you knew it. There was a running club that had just finished as we started and they all sort of stood there with their mouths open in awe. Or maybe they were gasping for air. Then there were families walking along that stopped just to watch us roll by. Several smiled and waved. I always wished we had water bottles to toss over to kids. Hey, they don't know we don't ride "that ride over in France".

Spotted several Carve out training and one of the Competitive Cyclist guys rode with us tonight.

Yale took a bunch of photos so as soon as he post them I'll beg to snag a few and post here so you can see just how big the ride was.

Later y'all!

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Wes said...

Sounds like fun, Geo! I wanna ride at the tail end of a bunch of fast girls and slow guys!! LOL.