Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's a Plan "B" day

Ok, it's a Plan "B" day...

After a fitful nights sleep, which I always do if I have an early ride time schduled, I woke at 5:15 and got ready to ride. The deck out the back door was damp but no rain! I ate a quick breakfast and flipped on Weather Channel. Yep, rain is heading this way but maybe we'll get a few minutes of riding in today.

I grab my gear bag and head out into the garage, open the door and here it comes... rain. Big sigh of disappointment then turn around and head back into the house, flip the coffee maker on and stand there and stare at it.

I return to my stack of donor letters and it's a growing stack to say the least. I plan on making an impact for these kids I'll be riding for. If I can help make the life of a hearing impaired kid a little better and help him/her to succeed in life then I'm happy. To change it for many? Well, honestly that would be like winning the lottery, I can't comprehend it! It's too good! But it does happen to people! We all dream!

Ok, true confessions... actually two. First, the story about the new bike was an early April Fool's joke but not many folks read the comments attached to the daily entry's so it was a bust. I really do love that bike and am actually taking it out for a test on Tuesday night for the club ride.

Confession #2: Yes, I'm becoming very nervous about going for 3 weeks without a hearing aid and basically being completely without hearing. It's just outpatient surgery but the ear has to heal. Dr. Dornhoffer, who is a hero to me and many others, said no bike for 1 week but no hearing aid for 3!! No music or laughter is just something that spooks me to no end. Serious, can you imagine not hearing anything? Stop for a moment and list all the things you can hear at this very moment. Now take them ALL away. Nope, you can't even hear the tapping of the keyboard, no music, no family voices, no friends voices not even the lawn mower if you were standing right beside it. Spooky huh? That my friends is EXACTLY why I am riding for these kids!

Plan "B" calls for riding in the beautiful forecasted sunny and 80 degrees tomorrow! I can't wait!

All for the kids!

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Wes said...

I went by the Trek website yesterday, and I'm in luv :-) I cant afford the 8000 dollar bike, but the 1800 one is more than I deserve :-)

You'll be fine, Geo. You are a strong man. Obviously. Not having hearing sux, and it sux even more for the kids, but ya know what? I've never ever heard (or seen) a hearing impaired child complain. They don't know that they should. The adapt. They overcome. They Geo :-)

If you get a spare minute, drop me an email and let me know how your early days of riding went. Things like duration, speed, progress. I'd like to know what to expect.