Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Kelly (Phonak), Patti (Driector of ACH Audiology/Speech), Me, Nanette (UAMS), and Mary Martha (ACH -- my Audiolgist guru)

Wow! What an awesome day yesterday was! I had so much to get done but somehow it all feel in place.

I met with Phonak rep Kelly in our Audiology Center here at the hospital and we discussed all sorts of things to do during the ride in June. Kelly wired me for FM and it was mind blowing to say the least! Kids these days have such an advantage when it comes to hearing impairments. Kelly had me put on this necklace and then she had a control that looked like a remote. She was able to pick up my hearing aid signal (that was mind blowing enough!) and then she started talking and I sat there with my mouth opened in awe! Serious! Everyone in the room was laughing. Hear speech was actually IN my hearing aid. Then she got up and walked down the hall a long ways and I could here every word she said and very loud. What this was, was the FM device that they now use in the school system to help kids with hearing problems. There were all sorts of ways to configure the system. I could even answer the cell phone by a touch of the button and not even pulling the cell phone out and the voice was inside my hearing aid. Thanks PHONAK!

I met up with the club and we rode out to Ft Roots for climbing and socializing. After we all flew down the hill we rode the road a little bit then turned around to head back to Burn’s Park. I was riding along with David M and his son Blake (up and coming bike star!). We rode up Ft Roots again instead of chasing the crew to Burn’s. On the way up it was great to listen to David coaching his son. David has been around the cycling world for a long time and is know as a strong rider. He is also married to Lori who works here at the hospital as a Telecommunications Director. While going up the hill the second time Blake told me this was his first time to climb Ft Roots. Wha?!! The kid is a turning into a strong riding machine! I think his is 13. I remember last year when he came out with us and he did great then for a young rider but now he is really zoning in on his skills. When you hear the name Blake Mc talked about on the Jr circuit, you remember where you heard it first!

The rest of the ride was good and I met up with the guys over in Burn’s for the tail end of the ride and social jabbering in the parking lot afterwards.

All in all it was just a great day!

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Wes said...

Isn't technology wonderful (when its put to a good use that is ;-)