Thursday, December 21, 2006

Big concert tonight... let the holiday begin!!!

Terri and I will be meeting my friend Gary and his date for the night at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. What a great way to kick off the holiday! Today is last day of work, the weather is clearing up and an awesome concert tonight! I saw the show last year and I was sick as a dog and still thought it was great.

I've been reading a lot of training blogs lately and it seems most are coming back to life. The off season sort of slows everyone down a bit and I've read both sides of the training fence. Some say winter is the time to kick it in and really work hard and others say to turn it down a couple of notches. I think many will begin to start thinking of the coming year while we are off for holiday. I know I'm going to. I plan to look at my training schedule, get my mind going that direction, pass on those stupid fried and sweet crap. Man, I hate that stuff! Last night my daughter and I was nagging at each other a bit and she had bought her boyfriend a pizza (we weren't nagging about that) and I walked into the kitchen grabbed a piece and ate it. I had no reason at all to do that. Dumb thing... just dumb. Tonight won't be hard because I will be at the concert and away from food.

I've gotten several emails about "what are you doing over the holiday? Where are you riding?" Well, I'm still in the, "I'm not sure" cycle. Here's the plan I think I have tomorrow.
1) Up and to Starbucks early for latte and cinnamon chip scone
2) Wrap all the crap I've bought
3) Bike ride
4) Party over at T&J's house

I also got "tagged" but this one is different. The funny thing was that I had just read a blog and the blogger was doing this very thing.

Here's the tag:
Find a book closest to you
Name the author and book
turn to page 123
Tell everyone what the first 3 sentences say.

It would have been some Human Resources manual but I just cleaned off my desk earlier.
Title: Heft on Wheels
Author: Mike Magnuson

At 6:00 a.m., September 15, an hour before dawn and the start of the 2002 Bridge to Bridge Incredible Cycling Challenge. I do know something. I know that rain is falling on my head.
Funny isn't it that it would be something about bridge to bridge and I'm training for river to river... Life has a funny way of putting things infront of you huh?!
Take care!

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