Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Midweek and Biggest Loser

The week has gone by fast so far. Tomorrow I have a meeting from 9 to 10:30 then lunch then a hospital wide Christmas party 2 to 4. Not much work! Sort of has the same feeling as when I was in grade schol and we had an upcoming field trip!

Today was actually a spooky day for me. Terri called and said Em was in the nurses office and had been shocked. Said it wasn't bad but nurse suggested an assessment. No clinics could see her due to all the real sickness going around. After Terri called be for the fourth time I said just bring her on up here to the ER in a crabby sort of way. When I got to the ER they had already taken Em back. They never do that. She was actually in Trauma #2 room. I felt my stomach tighen up big time. I thought to myself, did I really not taken this serious and it's bad? As I walked into the room there were a couple of docs and a nurse already working on her. She was smiling so I felt a huge sense of relief. We went through the quetions drill and they ordered labs and EKG. All came back good. Only follow up was an appointment with our burn doc. Don't panic. She does not have a burn but her arm, especially her hand, is really sore. Tonight she's taking it easyon the sofa watching her favorite gross out show, Criminal Minds.

Right now I'm glued to Biggest Loser. That show is awesome. It just went to a commercial and Erik was up for the weigh in. It shows the looks on the others faces. This is going to be a big weight drop! I'm always inspired by these individuals. There's this one guy on there named Jaron and he's from Arkansas. I think he has lost 97 lbs. Just awesome! I think it comes down to one of those vote off deals and the finanle is next week live. I remember last season when they did the final show and the players where completely different people. Ok commercial is over and Erik lost another 12 lbs for a total of 124 lbs!!! Jaron got voted off but was a great sport about it. They show the contestants saying good by to their trainers. They then show the players returning home after being at the ranch for 3 months. It brings tears to your eyes. Great television! Next week will be even better!

As for my own training. I'd say so so this week. There have been times when I wanted and did eat more then I should have. My coach, Mark, has spoken to some folks and it's suggested I get down to my idea weight soon. I started at 180 and have dropped 6. I need 14 more off and keep it off. Sort of sounds like Jan 29th is the d-day. Hard core training begins. Or at least hard core then I have been. I'm still happy with the site. I'm in a holiday challenge with other guys from all over the country and the teams are Alpha and Bravo. I'm on Bravo. Lots of encouraging going on. It's a good place to be.

Take care!

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