Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The day after

It's the day after Christmas. Ok, it was a strange (and stressful) Christmas that I would prefer not to repeat. There were some great moments but there were a few moments that sent me into "quite mode". But it will work itself out, always does.

Ok for the funner side of the holiday! Christmas eve was spent doing yard work for the afternoon. Not really anything else going on other than staring at the TV and I've done that enough already this year. Beside, TV + sofa = food and weight gain. At least for me it does.
I came in and got cleaned up and tinkered around a bit. There was a massive amount of food spread out. There is now a semi-massive amount of food in our fridge that no one will eat. Tomorrow is trash day so maybe it will all fall out into the trash can. HA!

Christmas morning was nice. Weather was rain and just warm enough to keep it from snow. We exchanged gifts and headed south to see my family. We got there and there was more "other" family than my own. Mom and Dad have an open door policy when it comes to celebrations so there are always extra's. And you want to hear something that's always be freaky to me? No matter who shows up, my mom always has a gift for them under the tree and I never see her put them there. Serious. So here's this guest family visiting and they are all adults. There are 4 of them. 3 guys and a girl. There were gifts for all. No, not cans of peanuts but stuff like mock turtle necks and stuff like that?!!! I swear she's really Mrs. Claus.

I did get to spend a few moments with Dad talking Christmas and we had some laughs. He was telling me one time about when my little sis and I were little that we both got bikes and he snuck them all the way to my grandmothers in AL (6 hours away). Put the things together in AL, took the things apart for the trip home, put the things together again once we got back to AR. Yep, I think he is "Dad of the Year" too. We laughed about the time we all went (Mom, Dad, 4 sisters and me) to AL and we ALLLL got a stomach flu. It was not the least bit funny then but it was a hoot yesterday.

Today on the way to work there were no cars! Some of the parking lots were empty! It's been a very quite day here in the office. So quite and so caught up that I'm blogging.

I did head over to the fitness center for lunch and then ate a sandwich at my desk. Just a hand full of folks over there today but I suspect next week it will be a mad house! The first of the year always brings the "good intentions" members back. Actually it's nice to have some different folks around and the noise level goes back up. Not sure what the mental attachment is to noise and working out but the louder the better!

I have begun really looking at my 2007 goals and one of my best friends sent me an email for a pact that we had to cut our finger and sign in blood (and lots of sweat). I was honored that he sent the pact to me. I'm not sure if he wants any of it public so I'll not release name, rank and serial number on him. But you know who you are and you a great friend to me man!

One of the other goals I have is to be a part of Men's Fraternity ( http://www.mensfraternity.com/ ). We will be doing this on Wednesday nights at our church. I've not been to church on Wednesday night in at least a year, maybe more.

Take care and more later...

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