Friday, December 22, 2006

Dog gone wild!

Yes, my dog ate packet of expresso Hammer gel! She was running around like a crazy hyena!! The packet of laying on the bed with my riding stuff while I was doing chores because I was going to ride after I got finished. I kept noticing that Sadie would run to the front of the house where I was then run back. Then run to the front and run back. Repeat that sentence over and over. I kept thinking she was trying to tell me something. Maybe she was trying to tell on herself. Anyway I walked to the back of the house and the was some paper in the floor and my first thought was, "Oh great, she got into the bathroom trash again." I just sort of sighed and reached down to pick up the paper and tried to figure out what it was then I realized it and looked over on the bed to see my Hammer Gel gone and it was 4x caffine expresso! I finished my work as fast as I could, put Sadie out and busted out the door. I have no idea how much running she did in the backyard but I wasn't going to be there when the fuse got to the end and she shoots up into the sky like Willie and roadrunner cartoons. Acme rocket was the picture I had in mind!
I stopped by the bike shop to load up with more and ran into Jbar. We yakked a minute and he was out the door and so was I. Fully loaded with new packets of gel. I headed on down to the river and rode the north side, over and the LR side some, River mountain road and Ft Roots. It was really quite out. Also when I parked the bank said it was 61. Not so back afterall. But as I sat there putting gear on I was noticing that it sure was a cold 61. I added more clothes. It was a cool ride and then as always once I got to the LR side and was riding in the shadow of the hills it was cold. I think there may have been 5 groups of folks on the bridge. The wind and the cool air may be slowing the crowd.
As I came home I drove up North Hills and s-t-o-p!!! Traffic was backed up big time. Folks blocking 2 intersections in a row. The guy in front of me saw a lady about to pull out in the insetion and block us for yet another light and he actually pulled out partly to block her from blocking us. She laid on her horn and he turned around and did the same back. I thought it was going to get ugly! The car next to me was college looking kids and they were laughing and laughing. I started laughing as well.

We finally go through the light and a car cut off the man in front of me. I could see him "gesturing" and what does she do? Stops real fast and that really fired him up! But she gets what she deserves because when she did that another lady flew by and cut her off in front of her. Then the light changes to red and stopped us all. I just knew someone was going to lay on the horn again or worse... get out. The light must have been just what was needed because from then on they all drove merry!

There is a island where all the boats hang out on Sunday afternoons in the summer. If you look close you can see an American flag. And yes, those are sea gulls on the island.

This is as you start to drop down River Mountain Road. Just to the right of the fence is an interstate.

This is how far down they dug to make River Mtn road. Cool looking isn't it?

LR skyline from Ft Roots.

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