Thursday, December 07, 2006

Office drama at it's very finest!

What I'm about to write is pure 100% truth and funny as it gets.

At the hospital we have a fitness challenge and there are about a dozen teams. We have funny names and it's all in good fun. There are several people that wanted to be on my team again this year so I sent out a list of possible team names. A certain area of my department didn't like the names and sent me their own. Well during that time everyone else was voting for the names and it was a big vote for one certain name. It's funny and catchy. So it was a done deal and I sent out the email annoucing the team name. Soon afterwards I get several emails condeming me to the gates of hell for using that name. The trouble makers hated that name. I responded to their email asking them to lighten up a bit and it was for fun and that if it was that big of a deal there are other teams. Silence. Then late this afternoon I get an email from the head wasp telling me to remove all their names from the team that they are going to be on someone elses team! Whoo Woo! Trouble maker and company gone! Now my team is an awesome group of friends that enjoy working hard and laughing a lot! Ya wanna know what the team name is now don't you? It's BODY BY CAKE. A knock off of the infommerical Body by Jake. We'll have a wacky logo and goofy t-shirts. Can't wait.

Ok, on to nicer subjects. I sweated like a pig in July in the gym today. Oh yes, a much nicer subject! HA! I did my core training then upstairs to spin a little. Then the noon spin class came in and they invited me to stay and spin a hard 30 minutes. Ok, I had just finished my real workout plus a moderate spin for 15 minutes. Now I'm supposed to hammer it for 30 with a class. OK! This would be fun! I thought I was going to pass out before we finished. It was a very fast paced sprint spin class today.

This afternoon was the hospital wide Christmas party. At 2pm it looked like a tsumani (sp?) was happening. There were tons of folks walking to the Children's Hall building down the road. It's the hospital event center. I was on the phone talking to a guy that works on the other side of the hospital and I was laughing while talking due to all the people. Anytime you say we're giving away something, they all go nuts!

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm going in for a couple of hours then heading down to Benton to hang out with Dad. I'm looking forward to it. When it's just me and him I usually learn something about the family that I didn't know.

Take care....

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