Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Those hills

Well we got home and I changed and was out the door on the bike. Made sure the rear blinky was flashing and the headlight was working. Got water and all systems go. Did a quick warm up around the block a couple of times and then into the valley I go. I tried a cople of different routes and then settled into a 6 block loop that sort of looks like the letter "P". Up a long hill and the road loops around to come back midway to the hill I just climbed and there is a steep climb before I get back to the mid point otherwise it's straight up the hill then straight down. I like the up the hill, 'round the bend, up another hill then down to the bottom start point and repeat.

As expected with the warm temps folks were cooking out. Oh man, that was tough! Here I am doing these repeats and I kept passing a house with something very good cooking. I was worn out by the 6th repeat. It was a good feeling to know I where I was physically with training this early in the game.

The date Jan 29, 2007 is fast approaching. That's the real kick off date for the training to start for the River 2 River ride in May. It will be a 16 week training program. I will have a couple of those "ride off to another city" sort of Saturday training rides. So far I've been building on the base miles and core strength training.

I found some new tunes to train to. Ya ever heard of Wolfmother? They have that guitar rock sound. Joker and the Thief is a good tune that will get you moving in your workouts. To me the harder the rock the better I train. Yep, I know some of you are laughing but it's a throw back to my concert days. Maybe mid life crisis... who knows and who cares... it makes me train harder.

Speaking of trainin harder, I have found that I train harder when I train solo. I don't know why that is. I love riding with my buds but sometimes it doesn't happen for me. I find myself trying to ride more like someone else rather than concentrating on my riding and my training. This is not wording the right way but you know what I'm talking about.

Hey by the way, keep the climbers on Mt Hood in your prayers. One is from here and hes is a very good climber from what I've heard and there's a huge storm heading to the mount. Doesn't look good.

Thanks for reading!

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