Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Got up and went to early service and Em and Sean went with me. Terri's folks are in town and wanted to go to late service but I was assigned prayer so I had to go on. Our church is sort of funny sometimes about Christmas which it seems are church of Christs are sort of like that. Like someone said, "Y'all haven't quite figured it out yet have ya?" Usually we have Christmas songs but this morning we had a different song leader and he was about as gung ho about Christmas as the grinch. Not a signle Christmas song. Greg did a great job with his preaching. Upbeat and Christmasy.

After church Em and I stopped by Sonic for breakfast junk food! I even drank a regular coke. Oh man, the burn was good! HA!

The afternoon was spent raking leaves in the back yard. Honesty, I have the biggest pile of leaves in the front that I've ever seen. I dumped them off the retaining wall. I'm telling ya, it's huge! I'll post a photo later since it's already too dark to shoot. The back yard looks pretty dandy if I say so myself. There wasn't anything going on this afternoon so I just wanted to stay busy and it would keep me from being sofa spud! When I walked in after cleaning the yard the inlaws were here and cooking away. I know I won't have any trouble not over eating because I spotted chicken and dressing (no thanks!) and sweet taters (yuck).

Tyler should be getting here about 6 so we'll eat and exchange gifts with Terri's family. The crowd usually dies out by about 9 or so. I have everything wrapped so command center is set for pre-dawn action!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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