Saturday, March 10, 2007

Welcome spring!

It's here and I'm so happy! I woke this morning to see sunshine and blue skies after a rainy evening last night. The streets were already drying and the temp was comfortable. It was setting up to be an epic day! I had a light breakfast of just a couple of cinna-sticks and a cup of coffee and then was in the planning mode. I knew I was going to ride a lot today and wanted to get it started.

Loaded up and headed to the river. The plan was to ride laps around the river as well as some side trips. I pulled into the parking lot and Fonda, Mitch and another guy had just come in from a ride out to Scott (farmland). We spoke for a little bit and they headed home while I started getting my stuff ready to ride. Then the big "Ot-o"!! Ok they must have slid under the seat... nope. Big sigh... no shoes! I always check before leaving the house but somehow missed putting my shoes back in the bag after my last ride. Back to the house, got shoes, back to the river... 40 minutes blown.

Finally got going and it's getting foggier and foggier. It's getting cooler too. The more I rode toward the dam the darker and colder it was getting. Everyone coming my way had jackets and tights on. I have on shorts and a short sleeve jersey. No way, I turn around and start riding back toward the car and will ride toward Scott (farmlands). I ride to England! It's one the the best rides! Very light breeze if any. No traffic for most of the ride. The fields are being turned for planting and several have dark green grass growing. Not sure if it's a cover crop or for hay. It's really a mental lift to see the field all green. I ride back to the parking lot and still feel good so I ride around the river trail. Lots of bikes out and everyone seems to be smiling and happy winter is over!

I met up with Paul Creel over at Cook's. For those of you who pray, please pray for Paul's dad. He's been in the hospital for a month and has heart problems. Paul was finally getting to get out and ride a bit today and was waiting on some friends to show up. I pedaled on but after stopping and talking to my body got out of sync. I wasn't tired until then. I guess when I stopped I must have cooled down. I was still moving at 17 but I was feeling the love now. Bummer. I rode back to the car and called it for the day.

I was surprised to see my readings: 78.1 miles with a 16.6 average. Not bad at all for my first good long ride of the spring!

Since tomorrow is the beginning of daylight savings (excuse me a moment I must do a little jig!) and it's basically Christmas to me, I'll ride a recovery ride tomorrow of about 30-40 miles then maybe start riding home from the hospital. There are lots of options!

I started putting the donor letters together last night after Terri and I got back from eating out. I have 500 return envelopes. I have no telling how many companies with owner names in the cities along the route. I will hit them first since we'll be riding right through their towns. there are several cities that I can't go after such as Russellville, Conway, Clarksville since they already have ACH Circle of Friends chapters there rasing money for the hospital. The rest is fair game!

I sent a letter to FRS yesterday and got a response back from a staff member and the letter was heading over to sponsorship dept! I'm hoping since the ride is extreme distance they will jump on board! And yes I used their products today. Between that and the weather, I think that's why it was an epic riding day!

Enjoy the weekend!

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Wes said...

Yea, I was glad to see the pouring rain disappearing by the time I made it to downtown Atlanta. A recovery ride of 40 miles, eh? LOL. You are a biking machine....