Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big & little

I got all computer-ish this afternoon. Headed over to C. City to get a ram upgrade to 2gig in order to handle more graphics (video). All I can say is the tech guy didn't know what he was doing. When he gave up he said, "Maybe Best Buy can help you". Wha?? Do you not realize Best Buy is your biggest competitor and their parking lot on the other side of the interstate is packed and you have what, 5 cars over here? Well, guess what, I was waited on the minute I walked in I had to ask one of the 5 people standing around talking for help at C. City) and the Geek Squad was awesome! I had 2 gigs of ram installed on my laptop AND a 320 gig external hard drive (which I was going to get anyway) in 30 minutes. I'm just blown away how much you can store in a very small space. I have moved a massive amount of media to it and it barely even made a dent.

I was so excited I hit Starbucks for a veni Cinnamon dolce latte skinny on rocks! Sucked it down in celebration so fast I got a headache.... then a massive coffee buzz.

OK, big news... I got a title at church today. I was asked to be a deacon. I know, that's a trip ain't it? Serious, it's a huge honor and I was inducted with an awesome group of guys. At first I really didn't want the title. I enjoy doing all he visual media and setting up the look of the service ad would keep doing it with or without the title. But after seeing the names of the other guys I knew we could really help make a difference. Most of the time when folks think of Church of Christ they seem to think sort of stand off-ish. We are breaking that mold! I'm happy as a loon to say I have friends from every end of the spectrum... I do mean every end too. I'll go visit them at their churchs and they can come visit me at mine if they want too. We're all a big family. Oh gee, let's just break out and hold hands and sing kum-by-ya why don't we! HA!

I have to go get a ride in after work tomorrow the weather is going to be... well... weather! 56 degrees for a high with wind of 10-20mph. That's almost winter sort of riding. I'll pack a lot of clothes then have to decide in the office what I'll end up layering up to. And if you ride in the cold weather you know what that means.... yep, that wonderful running nose. I'll leave it at that. Nah, no I won't...snotrockets! Bu ha ha ha!!! I know, ewwww, gross!

We had small group over here tonight and it was the last one held here. We rotate each month and it's gotten funny because the girls have gotten crazy with the snacks! Tonight we had fresh cut apples with hot caramel dribbled all over them. You would have thought it was fresh meat in front of a group of hyenas! HA! Love my small group and would step out in front of a car for any of them.

Life is good.... when carmel is dribbled all over it!


Jennifer said...

I'm excited that you're a deacon. My hubby is one at our congregation and just loves it.
After you posted your little video the other night I googled your congregation. It looks just awesome. How many members do you have?
And the "snot rockets" comment...ew! I am phobic about that kind of thing...I am dreading walking in downtown Chicago...I will have my pockets stuffed with Kleenex! :)

Wes said...

LOL... Technology rocks. I just got a vid camera for the big day, and it stores 180 minutes on a memory card. Love that :-)