Monday, October 20, 2008

Training ride ten-twenty-oh-eight

Funny how sometimes things just happen to be in the right place! After my ride this evening I was sitting on the back of the Explorer and pulled off my shoes and dropped them onto the pavement. When I looked down it was a great little setting for a photo to start tonight's blog. Yes, the leaf was really right there too. None of that is staged.

Stayed focused at work today in hopes that the day would pass quick and I could be out riding. All in all it was a good day. I passed up the donuts and the cake that someone brought in. That's a first! It really felt good knowing I could really pass that stuff up.

By the way, my weekend was so crazy busy I didn't get a ride in all weekend! Gasp! Shock! Banned in 36 countries! Yep, you heard right... no ride. I honestly can't remember a time when I went without riding at all for a whole weekend. Life happens.

I did get to spend a little time with my family at the 4H Center where my niece Shannon works. It's a beautiful place and we have Dad's birthday lunch out there most years. He was 84 the other day. It was good to be out there with them.

We had 5 couples over to the house for Mexican food last night so by the time to go to bed Terri and I was worn out from the busy weekend. But it was a fun weekend.

I headed out on my bike after work this afternoon and I can certainly tell fall is here. The days are getting shorter. The backside of Burn's Park where the hill is was already getting almost too dark to safely ride. It's woods so the shade made it dark there quicker that the open roads. I didn't even get to climb Ft Roots because I forgot to replace the batteries in my rear blinky light and it just gets too dangerous to ride without one. The temperature was perfect for riding though. 73 degrees!

After the ride I got to see the guys out in their boat. I know it's not called a canoe when you have 6 or so guys rowing. But that group was out on the river this evening and it was just a cool shot.

Funny hearing story: I use double sided tape to hold my cochlear implant in place. We this afternoon I was in such a hurry to get out there and burn some energy off that I put way to much tape on it. It was like super glued on! OWWWW.... momma it're pulling my hair! HA!

Life is good... it's beautiful sunset after a good ride kind of good!


Sam said...

Need help prying the CI off??? :D

Iron Maiden said...

You are too cool, Geo. Miss you!