Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday thoughts

Drove to work in my car so I could ride after work. Eric came by about 4:45 and pointed to the window. It was dark! They've already started issuing t-storm warnings so I voted against the ride. Bummer. But I will be on the training bike here in a few. I think I may drag it through the house and in the den and ride and watch Monday night tube.

Yesterday was really weird! It was the first time in months that I actually sat in the crowd at church. This is Scott's month to push buttons. I still put it all together but then sit with everyone else. Scott did a flawless service!

We ate a quick meal afterward and I headed out on the bike for the afternoon. Good steady paced ride except for here and there on the river. Lots of folks out and lots of families with little people. I climbed Ft Roots and the backside of Burns Park. There was a soccer tourney going on so way too many cars on that back side.

I've got to change my tunes. There are songs I like and I've worn them out. I don't want to hear any Coldplay for several weeks. I flipped the Ipod into shuffle mode but hated it because it had other songs that I don't like in the mix. You can't exactly reach back there in your back jersey pocket and change tunes.

Think we are going to have to take puppy to the vet. She is scratching and scratching. I'm feeling really sorry for her. She went to the groomer last week so I know she doesn't have fleas or ticks. She didn't have them before she went either.

I'm starting to have bicycle friend withdrawals these days. I can't seem to match up schedules with riding buds. I keep hearing of new groups forming here and there and thought about jumping in with some of those as well. My old group, God love 'em, all became real fast and stepped over into the dark side (triathlons). HA! No serious, they are very good at the tri's.

I'm thinking of visiting a few other churches while I'm off this month. I have a couple in mind. Mercy's Cross which is over here close to the house and the New Life Church over by Maumelle. Emmy's best friend and her family go there and it's a new building. It's right over by the bike trail and I rode up to it the other day and it's really nice. There are a couple of water fountains in front and one was dedicated to Paul Ells. I stopped for a few moments to pay respects. It's just strange that he is passed on. For those no in my area, Paul Ells was the best sports caster. Everyone loved him. Just had one of those voices you enjoyed listening to. He was killed in a auto accident a year or so ago. Anyway back to visiting churches. It's not that I'm wanting to leave my own, I just wanted to visit for a refresh or different view if you will. I know New Life has a Saturday evening service and thought I may drop in on that.

I got lots of razzing today about eating at Panera this weekend. Several asked if I was one of the first ones through the door. No but I thought about it! I suspect I will hit it up one day this week. I think Wednesday's looking good! HA! No I have NOT had a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. I've been strong! (Note to Melissa... stop rolling your eyes!)

Meant to tell you too that the other day (have I said this already??) that when I was riding the Specialized demo truck was down on the river and Dan was there and I told him about still dropping my chain and he tweaked it and it rides like a dream now! Woot! Dan rocks!

Well time to do other things...

Life is good ... now that Panera is open!


Anonymous said...

6 p.m = 7 Sat night at New Life Church. we normally go sunday morning but I love the sat night service!

Melissa Halford said...

Go get a bagel already! Or better yet, I will go have one for you tomorrow morning!

Wes said...

I put my puppies into a state of shock when I cut their hair. You need to probably bath the dog with some conditioning shampoo. Itchy skin ya know :-)