Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Building stuff

Sorry not much blogging... I've been busy working on a building project with my pal Mike, plus I got a last minute request to help a guy do a presentation. Anthony's presentation turned out really well. He was nervous about it but pulled it off like a charm.

Let's see... gas is going back down! $2.11 a gallon and with a Kroger card you get it for $2.01. We are going to see $1.99 a gallon gas again before long. Yep, just in time for the elections.

No, I refuse to talk elections. Heard a discussion between office friends today and it could turn ugly fast. I will say this much... I don't vote party, ethnic, or sex. I vote for the person(s) who I feel will honestly take care of my family.

Rain is coming then a big drop in temps. We will be using the fireplace by the end of the weekend maybe. A chilly 38 degrees is on tap for the low on Monday night. Brr-weee.

I turned the Phonak hearing aid demo back in to the clinic. I loved it. Serious. It had a good sound range and I really liked the bass it could pull in. I was secretly hoping for the high notes like my CI but didn't get there.

My boss is in Kansas City for the rest of the week and I saw on the weather channel that ice and snow is about it hit there. Oh gee, he's going to come back crappy... he HATES cold. He lived in FL and Hawaii. Great boss, just hates cold.

Hoping the rain will be gone by the time work is over tomorrow. Fat boy here needs to ride.

New tunes on the Ipod... Fireproof I-Mix (go see the movie!).

Life is good... it's mid week already! yaaba-daaba-do!

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Wes said...

America so needs to shed this two party system! It's hard when discussing politics not to take things personally. Different ideas is the spice of life though, eh Geo?

Send that rain my way!! My lake is only down 7 feet, but Lanier is still 17 feet down. Yikes!?!? :-)