Saturday, October 04, 2008

Satuday 10.04.08

I'll be back a write more later. About to go ride.
Seeing Eagle Eye late this afternoon.
NEW PANARA OPENED!!!!!! I'm eating there before or after the movie -- got a hot date with wife. Woot!
Meeting Ty to begin shooting teaser video stuff for Gears for Ears ride. Needed some footage while the leaves were still green. Of course I will be 20 lbs lighter by the time the ride rolls around next May. Oh well, I guess we can laugh at the fat boy version of the video when it comes out.

Had a great day off yesterday taking my parents and sister (Cathy) to Hot Springs to eat lunch. We ate down on the water at a waterside eat joint! Then came back to town and got to see my other sisters house add on! Holy smokes it's awesome! Very relaxing!

I'm outta here!

Life is good.... well, d'uh... it's Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

I am behind on movies and restaurants so hadn't heard of either!! glad you had a good day