Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ringing wet was a good thing

No chocolate today! I ain't lying either. There is halloween candy around the office already but I passed it up. I took my sandwich and yogurt and stopped at that for lunch. I think keeping that bottle of water on the desk and drinking when I want to get up and go get "a little something to take the edge off".

After work I headed over to the river for a down and back but I went down then added a loop on the backside of Burns Park (a hill) then challenged myself to keep a high pace and get on the road with traffic from the baseball field to the golf course. I was sucking air by the end. A soccer game was coming up so cars were coming in and they were in a hurry so I had o ride fast. I took a slower pace for a few moments then spotted a rider up ahead that was going a good speed so I told myself I had to stay at this distance from him and keep it there. If he sped up I had to. I was about 30 yards back so he didn't even notice. I turned at Ft Roots and climbed. I felt good at the top and my climb wasn't too bad so down the hill I go. I seem to be regaining my love of fast thrill of downhill riding once again. So I got to the bottom of the hill and the bike had a mind of it's on and turned around... a repeat? So up we go again... down we go again. Bike, stop, this isn't funny! U turn and up we go again (hey, this is feeling better)... and down we go again. U turn and 4th repeat and the speed was up and my legs we saying, "Well, Ok, I remember riding like this". I was actually smiling and singing along and the pace was faster than the first time I went up today.

Hey for you praying types... Matt and Mandy's tot is going to get tubes in her ears tomorrow. Yes, it's a simple outpt surgery but still when it's your baby it's still stressful.

Life is good... even the up hill climbs!

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Wes said...

Yea, watch out for those soccer parents. They are NUTS!