Sunday, December 21, 2008

30 & 30

I know you can't really see it but the bank says 30. As I was leaving the parking for the 2nd half of the ride I looked up and it said 29 but I was already bungled up and riding and didn't want to stop again.

It was really a beautiful day of riding I rode a good 2 hours and made 30 miles. I know, that's not much. It was considering the headwind. A couple of times I had those good gust that make you go 10mph.

Had a house full tonight... it has been a busy weekend and I'm seriously pooped! We had our Christmas service at church today and I had completed the homeless video and Greg used it at the end of his lesson. He told the crowd (about 500) that it was one of the most powerful video that had ever been shown at our church. That was my Christmas present right there! Heard a lot of folks cried. I took it straight to the heart... from the heart.

Ok... I really am pooped...

Life is good... even in pooped status.

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Wes said...

Dang Geo! That is just tooooo cold...