Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Chocolate is the devils food.... hmmm, devils food cake does sound good right now!

Oh boy, I've done it now! I was doing really good on the ole diet then we went to Branson and I kicked back a little. Then I chugged and bumped along Thanksgiving week until the big day and off the wagon I roll! It's Elliot's fault... she wanted fudge and cold coke so I partook. Well, then partook and partook and partook. Then I hear this, "Oh George, this cheesecake is sugar free!" Well scoot your rear down the bench sis because I'll just bring my fork and eat right out of the pan! HA! Not really but it was good enough to.

Today I'm working along being my happy fat self and up pops an email. Oh gawd no!!! Oh no no no no no no! And another 4 no's. It's my coach... COMING TO TOWN!!!! Breathe man breathe! In and out...slowly... Pop a couple of FRS chewables. Ok I can handle this. I told the truth... it's the best way when you've dug a hole.

So the plan is to get back on the wagon and eat like I'm supposed to not like I want to. I had lost 6 pounds towards the 20 so he was happy with that. Said that just shows him that the 20 will not be that great of a deal to do. Now the training. Well, he was disappointed. I'm getting to ride but not like I should be as far as training. I'm going to scout a couple of giant parking lots to loop at night. I'm just not a big fan of riding roads at night. The gym for core strength training is on the list as a "you must do this now". So what will happen when he comes to town... can you say "training camp"? Yep, the end of the year is going to involve something called pain. But he promises once we get past that the training is going to rock. Then he told me something that I thought as a bit random. "I want you to find some time and do nothing but think about why you are doing this. In silence and no distractions. Mediate your cause." So why do I want to train and do this ride. Because there is a $28,000 piece of equipment that is very important to get for the hospital. We need another machine that screens newborns for their hearing. If we catch it early enough we can do something about it way before it's noticed in kindergarten. Yes, that's why I want to train and do this ride.... that's exactly it.

I'm going to see the logo for the ride next week. I'm super excited! Yes, I will post it. Right after the holidays the jersey has to head out the door to LG for production. All of the teams are getting their 09 kits made and since this ride is earlier than the past ones (Gee, I finally learned not to ride in 100 degree heat... imagine that! HA!) then I have to get it in earlier.

Ok well... got to get on the trainer here in a few....

Life is good... and boy does it shape up when the coach comes to call! HA!


Wes said...

So sorry, Geo! Chocolate is a healthy mid-day snack :-) Yea, that's the ticket!!

Iron Maiden said...

It is an absolute sin to leave chocolate out of your diet! It's so good how on earth could it be bad for you? I allow myself a little bit of this heaven EVERYDAY and that way the entire bag of snicker bars doesn't disappear in one sitting. Hey, you could always pedal on the trainer while you eat it! Up the resistance for every bite you have.