Saturday, December 27, 2008

After strom beauty

The storm just came through and the sky was one of the most beautiful i have ever seen. The dark clouds of the passing rain then straight over us were these beautiful white wave looking clouds and in between the two was the most brilliant rainbow I have seen in years and years! This photo does not even touch the beauty of this few moments. Even our neighbors were out with cameras shooting photos. I'm serious... it was an "I'm in Awe of His wonders" sort of moment. I certainly say it was a defining moment of 2009!

Before the storm the winds hit HARD and a huge bag of trash (I have Christmas overflow right now) flew across the backyard! Spooky! The temp dropped from 72 to 54 in just a very short time.

Life is good... and beautiful!


Jo said...

I saw it too as I walked out of the grocery store this afternoon. Not only a FULL rainbow but a double one as well. I have seen one as beautiful as that on my honeymoon in Colorado 11.5 years ago.

Wes said...

Winter returns... :-)

Jo said...

were you out on the river trail early this afternoon?