Friday, December 26, 2008

70% chance

thinking thinking thinking....
70% chance of rain tomorrow. Doesn't sound very promising for a ride. Thy trainer may calleth.

I'm feeling the need to go spend money in bike shops. I've never used a heart rate monitor and am considering it. Leave me a comment if you have a recommendation.

I'm becoming a fan of a different bike team. Yeah yeah yeah... I'll tell you real soon. Rock is going to be around next year but it seems their money is tight and they dropped their best riders. I still have my fingers crossed that someone will pick up these guys. Bahati is a nice guy, has a family and kicks it on the bike!

Just got in from dinner out with wife. Things are crowded tonight. Lots of big families eating out.

I'm going to have my "set your goals" meeting with myself tomorrow early in the morning. (Note to Jo... I think it may involve a veni! I have big goals for next year! HA!)

I know I don't talk much about my CI or hearing aid lately. They have just weaved themselves into my everyday life and I couldn't live without them. I did run out of that double-sided wig tape that I keep the CI plastered to my head with. I rode without the CI for the first time in a LONG time on Christmas eve and boy did it stink! I hated... and I mean really hated not having it. I can hear cars and other cyclist coming from behind me with the CI. I can talk to other riders beside me with the CI. Yes, it is my lifeline!

Life is good...


Iron Maiden said...

It's a little pricey, but I love my Garmin 405. It's awesome!

jo said...

if you want cheap-you can get a Timex heart rate monitor at the Timex outlet shop on Pike for $40.

Wes said...

All of the Polar HRMs are good. I, however, like the Garmin too. You can go with the 50 if you the 405 or 305 is too pricey for you and you don't need GPS. The speed and cadence sensor will go on your bike, and you can see how your HR responds to your training via the charting software.