Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have blog-aizzy-ness these days. I've been working on a video from the homeless weekend and I was loving it then someone hooked me up to a different song that they thought would be good. I did a great imitation of Charles Ingeles (sp?) during the post production. The new tune behind it is God of this City by Chris Tomlin. Hearing the song and seeing the photos roll through of homeless people is just really hard. There is one photo that I let run a several extra seconds of a guys with dries blood on the side of his head. I want to drive a hard point home. The video will air during the Christmas service tomorrow morning. Terri is the only one who has seen it and she gave me a thumbs up. She made a couple of great suggestions and I edited a little more. Lots of video during tomorrows service! I will be glad when Sunday night gets here! I'll be a tired puppy!

So we didn't see the sun or the warm temps today. Yesterday was like May. Tomorrow is going to be like... well.. December! HA! 34 for the high and 19 for the low. Cayman Islands starting to sound good already. Had some friends who flew into Denver this morning and they had a record low of -19. Oh yeah, they will still hit the slopes.

Life is good... I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas morning.

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