Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold hands that felt warm

So the dreaded ice storm cometh. About 3 this afternoon folks were getting a bit antsy as reports started coming in about sleet here and there. Wife's office closed down and I had drove to work with her. I needed to stay and the roads were not bad at all when they closed so I caught a ride in with a coworker who lives just down the road.

We walked out to the car and oh man, it was solid covered in ice. Bummer. She had a ice scraper so I volunteered to scrap while she warmed her car up. Then I scraped the coworker's car next to us, then another car, then yet another one for a secretary who is a favorite of mine. Just wanted coworkers to come out to find their cars had been scraped.

While I was scraping, one of my coworkers noticed I had no gloves on. I realized she was right and then it hit me! I just smiled and said, Yeah, I know, but I'm fine really and continued scrapping.

After I jumped into the car it was warm and I began to thaw! HA! Ride sharing coworker is a female and asked if I would drive. She was nervous driving on ice. I was a gentleman and drove (but a nervous wreck on the inside driving someone else's car). I looked down and she was passed the white line on "E". I conned her into letting me stop at a service station and offered to fill the tank since I was getting a short ride home. She paid and bought me a coke. Full of gas we headed home but not without skidding on the bridge. Traffic was the pits.

As we got to the house coworker said, you really ought to remember your gloves on days like this. I just smiled and said I remembered them! She looked at me so funny like well you droffus why did you not put them on.

As I walked up to the hill to the house I realized my hands were indeed warm the whole time I was scrapping ice without gloves. Very warm... I even smiled and hummed while I scrapped.

My gloves... well, I gave mine to a homeless man 2 weeks ago. Not only were my hands warm...but so was my heart.

Life is good...with a warm heart and hands!


Emily* said...

you got a HUGE heart daddy! Thats why your amazing! i love you!

Iron Maiden said...

Ditto what Emily wrote! You are truly amazing, Geo and just know that you are loved!

Wes said...

Way to take advantage of that internal warmth, there Geo!

Annette said...

You are an inspiration!!!!