Sunday, December 28, 2008

And now I remember...

And now I remember why I don't eat crappy foods!

And now I remember why I never ride over the Big Dam Bridge on Sunday afternoons!

The afternoon ride was OK. I got 42 miles in but jeeze louise it was crowded out there. It wasn't just couples walking their dogs either. It was herds, packs, swarms....whatever you call them, they were there.

I've been eating that crappy (but oh so good) holiday food and I could tell a difference in my riding today. Sluggish is a good word. I popped up to the 20-23mph category a few times but seems to have locked in on 17mph. Every time I would just be riding along and look down it would be 17. Sigh.

And hey kids, if you ride with an IPod (now don't go hatin' on me because I do) then by all means download the Green Day & U2 live version of Saints are Coming. Yes, that song about the New Orleans floods. Oh my goodness! That song hit just as I was starting up Ft Roots drive and by the time I hit the top I was head-banging and had that wonderful coppery taste of blood in my mouth from sucking in air so hard. I pushed it harder that I have in a long time on that climb. Sweating, running nose, tasting blood and rocking it out hard! Ya gotta love cycle training! I do!

Sounds like a beautiful week for you folks to do running and riding while the rest of us slave dawgs are stuck in the office. 61 for a high tomorrow with sunshine. (Cough cough -- I'm calling in sick! HA!)

Ya want to hear spooky? I was riding and my CI went quite. I reached up and it was still there and no, I've not gotten the double sided tape yet. I kept it in place with a cycle cap under my helmet which I like to do anyway. So I thought maybe the mag just slid over and disconnected. Nah, the battery was really dead. I rolled on being happy as a loon. Ride ends and I reach up and lo and behold the thing is still all there but was just hanging on my helmet strap. I'm worse than a kid with this thing....but I sure do love it! Advanced Bionics rulz! HA!

Awwright, I gotta put up my gear before the queen of the estate gets on to me.

Life is good... so is Green Day and U2! HA!


Arland said...

I was sluggish today too on my ride. I figured it was just my lack of training but all that holiday food probably caught up to me. Have to take advantage of this weather when you can though.

Happy biking!

Wes said...

U2 is the best band EVA :-)

jo said...


I have eaten lots and lots of steamed veggies for the last 2.5 days and already feel better.