Thursday, October 16, 2008

The end of a perfect day

I know, it looks like a murder mystery book cover. I actually took the photo tonight as I was leaving after my ride. I park under the interstate bridge and I looked up and thought, hey cool, this would be a nifty little shot. I decided I would now start all my blogs with a photo and title.

Got a lot done in the office today but the pace was so stinking fast! It was Hire-o-rama at the hospital starting about mid morning. Some of the spots were new positions for the new fiscal year which started in July. I also closed a couple of positions that we had been recruiting hard and heavy on. Let's just say email and the Internet are beautiful things. HA!

Ok, the real stuff... the after work stuff... I had the curse of the blinking lights this evening. I did my usual loop of Arena, Bridge, Burn's Park backside, Ft roots repeats. On my 2nd trip down I spotted a guy who was just attacking the hill. I mean smoke off the back tire sort of attack. So I get down to the bottom and turn to do my third climb up. I'm enjoying the tunes and just pedaling my happy over sized butt right on up the hill and I look over my shoulder to be sure no cars were coming and what do I see??? Oh no, that guy has a blinking headlight and is climbing up fast again. Up and at 'em cowboy.... pedal pedal... there's a swarm of bees chasing you.... no pedal faster, your hair's on fire... no, there's a herd of zombies chasing you! Just pedal goofus pedal!!! Don't you DARE let him chase you down. 10mph, 12mph...15mph!!!!!! Hurry hurry hurry to the top... not much more... go you fat fool go!!!! MADE IT!!!!! Yes yes yes, I beat you you young skinny punk! OK, just barely but then Michael Phelps just barely won too but look where it got him. OK, truth... no...let me finish... I did beat the guy to the top but he would have whipped me over and over on that hill. I did spot a Colorado flag on his jersey. Oh yeah, now you're with me huh? Colorado guys live in the mountains and train with NO AIR. When they come here they don't even breathe hard unless it's a hot summer day.

I flew down to the bottom and was cranking along and got almost to the crack house and here he comes. We look at each other and bust out laughing! I told him thanks for make me train hard and he told me the same. Seems when he saw me spot him and I stood and gave it my all it gave him a reason to push harder too. It was just one of those great times on a bike!

I got back to the car and opened the hatch and sat there watching the sky with it's beautiful sunset changing the clouds to shade of blue and pink watercolors. A couple of mountain bikers getting ready for a night ride. A couple having their photos made... bet it was for their engagement. I listened for all the sounds I could pick out. Cars overhead on the bridge, birds, people laughing down the parking lot, the thump of an urban hip-hop tune from a homeys ride. It was one of those times you just sit on the back of the car, smile real big, and be thankful for the end of a perfect day!

Life is good ... when a stranger pushes you to do better!

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Wes said...

Very cool, Geo. I love moments like that.

I went and got refitted yesterday. Who knew such little things repeated six gazillions times would cause such problems :-)