Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday's thoughts

The goodness of others in my town... that was the first thought that entered my mind as I watched 4 guys push a car out of the lane and into a parking lot today after work. Rather than honking and flipping them off the kind folks go out and got them off the street. They had to push the car up a little bit of an incline to do it to. See there are nice folks out there!

I got my bike back today. The cost of the repair. 540!! That's 5 dollars 40 cents! That's the least amount I've ever gotten out of my "country club" (bike shop) with. I'm telling you since Dan has taken over that shop the bar is certainly pushed up high! Always have customers and it's like an ant farm in there but personal service to everyone! I can't wait to ride after work tomorrow and ride in the big ring. The simple things that thrill me! HA!

I spoke to Jordan and Steve (audi gurus -- my heros) and got a couple of magnet caps for my CI. I've lost 2 of them and AB doesn't sell just one color. Hey I would buy several but the only way you can get them is to buy a set which includes a tan, gray and a couple other colors. So Jordan glues rhinestones on the caps for the little girl patients so she traded me a dark silver and black caps for what I had left over. Since she covers them in rhinestones you can't really see what color the cap is anyway. To me that's just the coolest thing to so something special for the patients.

I scheduled Thursday and Friday off!!! For no reason other than the weather looked nice! Lower to middle 70's for the highs! Called my folks and told them to pick a day and we would take a day trip somewhere. Mom got so excited.

Since I didn't write yesterday, church was great! Greg is out so there was a video he made and did the lesson via video! It was pretty cool since I dimmed the lights and had Kevin Clay on sound! Kevin is the BEST when it comes to the sound in our building. Even the senior members enjoyed it for a change. I've seen gotten several emails and requests for a copy of the DVD. I told one member just to go over to the website and download it. Come to find out there hasn't been any services uploaded since August! Yikes! Something tells me I feel a new "project" coming on. HA! I want to get into having the service streaming live as well as video option where you can watch later.

By the way if you are in central Arkansas and missing Kevin Clay from the POINT 94.1 you can find him for a little longer over on the American Family Station 91.7 FM in the mornings. Same ole funny Kevin but with Christian music. He just stopped by there one day and they got flat out got lucky! Too bad he couldn't just buy it.

Well, got to get busy on some other things tonight.

Life is good... especially when you're scheduled off in a couple of days!

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