Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend hit list

Crappy photo I know... I'm in a hurry but wanted to put something out there.
I've gotta finish church media, plant some fall flowers, take the media platform to the building and set up and of course ride my bike really fast!

I don't have to really do anything in the morning! Actually I have a massive amount to do tomorrow but first thing in the morning is all mine! Fancy coffee and all.

Here is the new Welcome motion loop as you walk in to the auditorium. It's sort of a long video so it might take a minute to load and start. I've gotten several emails asking me to post some more of my art work and video so here you go. I keep waiting for one of those Mekrats (sp?) from Mekrat Manor to pop up on the video. HA!

Life is good!! It's the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

luv the photos and titles, etc.. okay and nice little stick figures!! m