Monday, December 22, 2008

i been good!

I been good this year Santa! Oh awwright, I've been sorta good. Happy fat boyee?!

I parked it on the trainer tonight for an hour. Legs were jelly donuts by the time I finished. Note to self... if you are home alone next time don't train by the fireplace and turn the heat down. But then on the other hand I sweated my rear off. It was a dandy hour of torture!

In case you are wondering what Lance Armstrong did today, I can tell you he froze his hands off and had pot roast for dinner and he is not the only one making a comeback in oh-nine! Got to love Twitter!

Ok, I'm heading to the bed...zzzzz

Life is good...even on a trainer.


Jo said...


The year of Lance. And Geo.

Wes said...

Geo commeth :-)

Rodney Olsen said...

Nice bike. :)

I had a magnificent ride this morning with a few friends.

Unfortunately, when they continued on for a coffee I headed off to work. Just as well I love my job.

Abbie said...

Merry Christmas man, you deserve it!