Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Friends and wasps

Ouch! I guess I should say I’m blessed because it could have been a lot worse! Mike and I were riding along the river bike path and a big ole country boy red wasp popped me right in the upper leg. The way upper leg. Yep, an inch or so from you know where. I hurt something bad but it didn’t start swelling until after I got home and out of my bike shorts. I guess the compression kept it at bay. Man, when I got up off the sofa it felt like I had a stack of books on my leg. Jason and I were laughing about it at lunch today and he said in a couple of days it will start itching really bad. Well, that’s just dandy since I can’t walk around looking like I’m scratching “there” all day! I knew I should have kept playing baseball and no one would have thought twice about me scratching.

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